Workers’ Compensation Solutions

You can be confident that claims are being managed consistently, in compliance with workers’ compensation legislation, and always with a focus on safe and timely return-to-work.

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Workers’ Compensation Overview

We offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to workers’ compensation management. Our approach supports best in class principles, producing measurable impacts to productivity, cost control, and overall organizational performance.

Claims Management

At ReedGroup, we review the entire WC file, develop a plan of action, and deal directly with the WC on all aspects impacting the claim outcome.

Our goal is to mitigate WC cost exposure and expedite employee return to work by driving the correct positioning of claims with the stakeholders involved at the earliest possible opportunity.

From the beginning of a claim, ReedGroup case managers collaborate with all stakeholders to effectively assess the claim and develop actionable plans to support employee return to work, health, and productivity, while ensuring appropriate entitlement.

  • Expert case reviews and access to paralegals
  • Strong communication protocols
  • Expert oversight of complex cases
  • Specialized expertise in management of chronic and traumatic mental stress
  • Return-to-work and accommodation management modules
  • Access to our proprietary owned MDGuidelines
  • Direct board advocacy
  • Appeals representation
  • Cost mitigation assessment and recovery
  • Classification and payroll audits
  • Comprehensive financial and performance analytics and benchmarking across all provinces
  • Training on all aspects of workers’ compensation
  • All-inclusive reporting abilities

Program Assessment

A successful workers’ compensation claim management program comprises many different facets that are interdependently related in their application. In order to properly assess and profile your workers’ compensation program, a comprehensive audit is required. Through this audit, we facilitate comparisons with industry leading practices. Our team will:

  • Complete process mapping and benchmark scoring
  • Review all accident reporting, investigation, and follow up protocols in conjunction with legislative requirements
  • Assess RTW and modified work programs for effectiveness and compliance
  • Audit Health and Safety practices with respect to injury prevention, remedial actions, and critical injury processes

Cost Mitigation

ReedGroup proactively seeks out opportunities for cost savings and cost recoveries, where applicable. We:

  • Review the current occupational injury process, seeking out opportunities to streamline and enhance the process
  • Identify opportunities in Stay at Work/Return to Work programming to reduce the frequency and duration of occupational absences
  • Review cost relief options by monitoring specific claim triggers and ensure the awarded percentage/amount is appropriate
  • Review rate group classifications to confirm correct allocation


Paralegal and legal resources are an integrated part of the ReedGroup approach to workers’ compensation support for our clients. Claims requiring appellate intervention typically represent a significant cost liability or recovery opportunity and must be addressed with the most appropriate and effective resources. Our affiliated ReedGroup paralegal team has extensive experience in supporting and representing employers throughout the appeal process and are fully versed with evidentiary deadlines, witness selection and preparation, questioning of witnesses, and the preparation of closing arguments. ReedGroup has participated in over 2,000 appellate cases, achieving a success rate of over 70%.

Comprehensive Financial and Performance Analytics

The cornerstone of profiling your workers’ compensation risk and performance position is in fully understanding the financial statements provided by the various Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCBs) through a comprehensive analysis. We will:

  • Conduct a complete analysis of all experience-rating data, providing for retrospective, current, and prospective evaluation of cost and liability position
  • Provide customized reports with full charts and graphs, illustrating trends and risk parameters over the entire experience-rating window
  • Propose strategic solutions to reduce cost liability and mitigate risk
  • Benchmark your firm with that of your peer group to review comparative positioning, conduct gap analyses, and develop best practice programs
  • Establish a detailed Financial Risk and Performance Analysis: Rates trend, base and net premium, incentives secured, frequency and severity KPIs
  • Provide highly credible predicative modeling to effectively predict future state
  • Generate an Annual Quebec Choice of Limit Report – financial forecast for the upcoming accident year and insights for the choice of limit selection