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Most Canadian employers don’t track all absence types, so they don’t fully realize the associated costs, risks, or opportunities for improvement, according to the Conference Board of Canada[1]. Furthermore, managing absences with manual tracking or a patchwork of digital tools often leads to missed deadlines, confusing standards, dissatisfied employees—and unhappy executives.

You can help your organization mitigate risks in productivity, enhance the overall work profile, and ensure positive health outcomes and employee experiences with the right solution. ReedGroup’s absence management platform improves efficiency in managing costs, risks, and opportunities, with the flexibility to integrate with payroll systems.

Other benefits to your organization include:

  • A comprehensive direct-access portal with a customized dashboard. This enables integrated claims management with real-time claim referrals, updates, and reports. Furthermore, tracking and managing all absences on one platform consistently accommodates all absence types and ensures timely pay for employees on leave.
  • Seamless HR-system interface. Data integration between the absence management platform and HR systems reduces administrative burden, improves productivity, and emphasizes managing absences and requests for workplace accommodations. The result? Reduced costs.
  • Standardized claim management. Compliance is challenging for large organizations spread across multiple locations without the right tools. Absence management with ReedGroup covers legislative variances in provinces and territories to prevent such complications and the risk for legal penalties.
  • Integration with MDGuidelines. Evidence-based guidelines providing direct insight into absence durations and employee accommodations.

Find a robust solution so you can help your organization meet its absence management needs while also delivering a positive employee experience.

Want more information on absence management software solutions for your organization? Check out ReedGroup’s fully customized Canadian absence management software, AbsenceConnect.


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[1] Conference Board of Canada: Missing in Action: Absenteeism Trends in Canadian Organizations