Workers’ Compensation in Quebec: Navigating the Medical Model

Quebec’s Workers’ Compensation (WC) program, managed by the CNESST, operates in a unique way compared to other provinces and territories. Many of its distinct differences are particularly perplexing, making claims management in Quebec challenging. WC case management in Quebec is commonly considered more of a battle than a cooperative process. Its most challenging characteristic by … Continued

Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Decision

Workers’ Compensation (WC) in Canada is no-fault. Since employees receive benefits instead of a determination of fault and negligence, employers pay insurance coverage premiums. Provincial WC Boards determine and administer benefits for claims within their jurisdiction. Each province has specific WC laws and policies, but the criteria for accepting claims are mostly similar. In all … Continued

How Safe Is Your Home Workspace?  

For many people, the past year’s work environment has been unprecedented. Employers asked their employees to pivot from the long-established office routines, and instead, work from home. Work-from-home arrangements necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, are likely here for the long haul. Working from home will become permanent for some employees, at least for part of … Continued