Workers’ Comp Quiz

Workers’ Compensation can be complicated, with many rules and regulations that employers must adhere to. How well do you know the fundamentals? Find out by taking this short quiz.

What are the time limits to report a workers’ compensation claim?

If an employee has a reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine and must seek health care or loses time from work, are they covered by workers’ compensation?

In Ontario, all claim costs associated with allowed COVID-19 claims after July 1, 2022, will be used to determine annual premium rates.

If you have employees working remotely, when would they be eligible for an acceptable workers’ compensation claim?

If you have an employee who regularly works in one province but temporarily is working in another, WC coverage still applies.

To be eligible for WC coverage an employee must have worked at least three full days/shifts.

If an employer receives an unfavourable decision from a workers’ compensation board, how many times can they appeal one decision?

All employers are required to adhere to the same WC policy and legislation within their province(s) of operation.

Return to work programs cost more than they provide in return.

Good performance can provide employers with the opportunity to receive incentives/rebates and premium rate reductions.

Employees can be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and personal disability benefits within the same occurrence.