ReedGroup Canada offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to the integrated management of short-term disability, workers’ compensation, at work accommodation, and leave administration, providing employees and employers with an enhanced customer experience. We achieve measurable impact to productivity, cost control, and overall organizational performance.

From simple to complex questions or cases, we provide support and direction every step of the way during the leave of absence process. And that results in happier employees.

Unburden Your HR Team

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Remove the complexities of managing leaves and absences.

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Receive timely determinations for employees.

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Increase productivity with more time to focus on employees.

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Help employees to understand and manage their leave of absence process with clear, simple steps.

Gain Peace of Mind

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Accurate information is provided in a timely manner.

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Pre-set criteria for mandatory peer review by a specialized team of experts.

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Determinations take into consideration all factors impacting the claim outcome.

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Your company’s entire workforce thrives.

Our Values

We Do The Right Thing

  • We’re fair and ethical
  • We put the customer first
  • We offer the right solutions
  • We are true to our word

People Count

  • Each individual has an opportunity to make a difference
  • We develop our people and recognize their successes
  • We treat people with dignity and respect
  • We work effectively, individually and together as a team
  • We encourage diversity

We Hold Ourselves To Very High Standards

  • We strive to achieve superior results through high performance and execution excellence
  • We take calculated risks and exercise innovation
  • We move quickly, but not at the expense of results
  • We hold ourselves and one another accountable

ReedGroup builds a better health-productivity balance for both our clients and their employees. This means creating services that support the entire ecosystem – providers at the point of care, insurers/agencies, healthcare organizations, and human resources professionals – all in the pursuit of returning employees to their full activity, and keeping businesses thriving with a skilled workforce. Our clients represent all industries, including some of Canada’s largest financial institutions and retailers. As we advance absence management, we will continue to deliver reliable services that broaden business insight and provide a better overall experience.

ReedGroup provides employers with sustainable strategies and insights to improve cost certainty and predictability, while also mitigating risk and enhancing productivity. Our goal is to maximize your company’s ability to thrive, while supporting the health and productivity of your workforce.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have enabled our clients to achieve dramatic reductions in lost work days and annual cost savings ranging from 10% to 50% above expectations.

Our History

ReedGroup Timeline

Our Global Footprint

ReedGroup’s global presence means that our 2,000 employees are close to your employees – throughout North America, and across continents. MDGuidelines now reaches most of Europe, parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Map of ReedGroup locations around the world

North American Footprint: Unified & Integrated Across Borders

ReedGroup’s global expansion now makes it possible for employers to manage their absences in a unified and integrated manner across North America. Employers in Canada can now be confident that they can effectively implement their programs across both sides of the border. This allows for a more equitable and integrated delivery of the full suite of disability and workers’ compensation solutions.