Who is ReedGroup?

ReedGroup provides absence management services and workplace productivity solutions to over half of the Fortune 100 companies operating across North America. We manage upwards of 10 million lives. Our integrated model delivers analytics and insights, with targeted disability management and workers’ compensation solutions through state of the art technology Unlike other providers in the market, ReedGroup’s unique value proposition is our ability to provide analytics and advisory services that are linked to our industry leading case management. This allows us to offer targeted and highly effective program designs and recommendations.

ReedGroup provides employers with sustainable strategies and insights to improve cost certainty and predictability, while also mitigating risk and enhancing productivity. Our goal is to maximize your company’s ability to thrive, while supporting the health and productivity of your work force.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have enabled our clients to achieve dramatic reductions in lost work days and annual cost savings ranging from 10% to 50% above expectations.

We generate results.

  • Average duration reduction of 4.8 days lost per claim
  • 30% lower workers’ compensation costs
  • 80% success in WCB appeals
  • Reduced union grievances

ReedGroup is the trusted name behind the Dr. Presley Reed guidelines, known throughout Canada and the world as the gold standard in evidence-based duration and treatment guidelines. With over 30 years of experience helping employers, ReedGroup unites all stakeholders across the continuum of care in the pursuit of better health outcomes and maximized productivity.