Short-Term Disability

Proactive claims management strategies with a strong focus on functional capabilities and timely return to health and productivity.

Short-Term Disability Overview

We take a respectful but assertive approach based on function and the belief that returning to work is sustainable when done in a safe and supportive way. Our insight regarding best practices, policy, and process, combined with proactive case management and collaboration, ensures enhanced organizational engagement and positive outcomes with respect to disability performance. Our objectives throughout the life of the claim is to:

  • Reduce costs by lowering durations and claims transitioning to LTD
  • Enhance employee and manager experience through timely communication
  • Reduce administrative burden by facilitating access to online tools

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Claims Management

Throughout the case management process, our dedicated case managers act as a central access point for your employee, their attending physician, their manager, human resources, and any other identified stakeholders, facilitating access to treatment and engaging in the recovery process. We provide:

  • Online referral
  • Triage model to prioritize return to work
  • Comprehensive health management navigation for employees
  • High-touch guidance and ongoing communication
  • Return-to-work and accommodation management modules
  • Specialized mental health tools & resources
  • Seamless transition to LTD carrier
  • Mandatory peer reviews & access to medical consultants
  • Complete access to our propriety owned MDGuidelines
  • Large network of medical resources for assessments/testing
  • Stay at work case management for those struggling with chronic illness
  • All-inclusive online reporting abilities

At-Work Accommodation Requests

ReedGroup can diligently review a request for an at-work accommodation request in order to provide the employer with clear guidance on the requirements, associated responsibilities, and legal obligations. Whether it is a request for a specialized adaptable work station, change in shifts, or request for modified duties, our team of experts will objectively assess the request. We then review the medical condition (current and ongoing), clarify the restrictions/limitations, and identify the recommended accommodation based on the employee’s job description and workplace barrier.

Chronic Illness

As part of our suite of services, we offer review and ongoing support for employees with higher absenteeism rates suffering from a chronic illness. It is crucial to identify the root cause of the absence pattern, as chronic absenteeism cannot be successfully resolved without fully understanding the primary cause(s). We proceed with a diligent investigation to understand the underlying factors, such as access to a proper treatment plan, or the gaps between the employee’s functional limitations and job duties. Our goal is to provide detailed recommendations to the employer, allowing them to put in place a sustainable plan to ensure a productive workplace for everyone.

Mental Health Support

Workplace mental health has been a growing concern for Canadian employers. The significant cost of disability related to mental health issues has been increasing for over a decade. Employers are now more aware that employees’ productivity, engagement, and attendance is strongly impacted by their mental health and the wellness strategies in the workplace.

Mental health claims have longer duration and are often complex, with the presence of comorbidity conditions or non-medical barriers. At ReedGroup, we ensure that at an early stage the employee has access to an optimal treatment plan in order to promote timely recovery and ongoing support. We address potential return to work obstacles by having the right communication at the right time, with all stakeholders involved. We also use a variety of specialized tools and resources to support positive claim outcome:

  • Specialized questionnaires
  • Medical consultants/advisors
  • Virtual cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse programs
  • Independent medical exams
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Return to work specialists

Mental Health Training – Promoting a Healthy Workplace

ReedGroup offers half-day training courses for operational managers and human resource advisors on mental health in the workplace to promote attendance, identify warning signs, ensure efficient management while respecting confidentiality, and promote accommodation strategies for employees affected. The objectives of this training are:

  • Apply best practices to manage overall attendance and prevent negative stress at work
  • Recognize early signs of mental health
  • Increase understanding of mental health disorders and personality disorders that may impact the workplace
  • Intervene early to better support employees presenting mental health symptoms
  • Review best practices to manage absences related to mental health
  • Promote optimal return to work and avoid potential relapses