ReedGroup North American Solutions

ReedGroup has four interconnected components that are uniquely suited to meet the needs of employers today.

  • Performance and Risk Analysis and Absence Advisory Services through our ReedInsights suite of products and services
  • A full array of outsourced services in the disciplines of workers’ compensation and disability management through our AbsenceOutsourcing capabilities
  • The most advanced enterprise disability and workers’ compensation management software platform, LeavePro
  • The most trusted evidence based treatment guidelines, MDGuidelines providing the highest quality, most dependable clinical decision support in the industry

ReedGroup North American solutions chart of products

The ReedGroup Difference: Insights linked to administration

ReedInsights provides business intelligence and analytics across all claims providing the most comprehensive and unique insights and recommendations. Unlike any other providers in the market, ReedGroup is equipped to utilize these insights to deliver targeted program designs through our AbsenceOutsourcing services. Seamlessly managing both work and non-work related claims.

Utilizing our LeavePro innovative leave management technology allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions in a fully integrated process. LeavePro provides an easy to use self-serve portal that ensures an outstanding service experience for you and your employees.

Finally, only ReedGroup has MDGuidelines embedded into our case management platform. This enables our case managers to have trusted duration and treatment recommendations in real time as they manage the case

ReedGroup wheel diagram of services and products

1Unique Insights: The work we do within ReedInsights fundamentally informs the spectrum of all services we offer. We define unique risk factors, uncover financial causality and develop holistic program recommendations.

2Targeted Program Design: Leveraging these insights, we create targeted program designs through AbsenceOutsourcing.

3Comprehensive Solutions: ReedGroup is equipped to deploy a comprehensive set of solutions that can effectively manage your entire absence profile.