Enterprise Software


LeavePro® is ReedGroup’s state-of-the-art application for fully-integrated absence case management and workers’ compensation tracking. An enterprise solution, LeavePro is built on the solid foundation of ReedGroup’s 30+ years of expertise in claim administration, absence management, software and technology, return-to-work case management and evidence based clinical content.

LeavePro® empowers employers to engage their employees proactively, driving optimal outcomes throughout the case management process and channeling data for analysis, detailed reporting and visibility. Seamless integration across different customer interfaces, business services, work processes and data sources supports a unified infrastructure that enables advanced business rules to support automation, efficiencies, eligibility and compliance with current legislation. The end result is increased accuracy, reduced costs and improved outcomes.

LeavePro® key features include:

  • Fluid end-to-end STD administration
  • STD case management
  • Accommodations and restrictions guidance and recommendations
  • Workers’ compensation tracking
  • Other absence types such as compassionate care and maternity leaves