North American Solutions

Unified and Integrated Across Borders

ReedGroup’s global expansion now makes it possible for employers to manage their absences in a unified and integrated manner across North America. Employers in Canada can now be confident that they can effectively implement their programs across both sides of the border. This allows for a more equitable and integrated delivery of the full suite of disability and workers’ compensation services.

Benefits of the ReedGroup North American Solutions:

ReedGroup allows you to have an integrated approach to managing leave and disability, including detailed tracking of disability trends as well as the ability to promote North American initiatives and policies.

  • Manages all leaves across North America
  • FMLA, ADA and all state leaves fully served
  • Effectively handles complexities unique to various Provincial Worker’s Compensations Boards, alongside US leave legislation and policies
  • Cross-border market expertise
  • National US and Canadian footprint
  • Integrated technologies
  • Language globalization with fully bilingual capabilities
  • Aligned reporting; can be broken out by country and location
  • Single North American point of contact

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