Return-to-Work Simplified

MindBeacon’s therapy is evidence-based and focuses on identifying and addressing functional impairment and return-to-work (RTW) barriers, important components that impact the length of claims and prevent relapse. ReedGroup integrates this program to prevent employees from self-diagnosing and accessing clinically inappropriate treatment, factors that may add to the length of the claim, worsen symptoms and functional impairment, and create an aversion to therapy.

Overwhelming evidence suggests that earlier treatment improves outcomes and decreases the likelihood that an employee’s condition will become more complex or severe. ReedGroup ensures employees are onboarded into a MindBeacon program in a timely matter, providing quick access to treatment with the most appropriate support.

ReedGroup monitors and assesses symptom-reduction scores to track the impact of the intervention and determine if the intervention is improving function for employees. Working with MindBeacon, ReedGroup can allow employees to transition from having severe symptoms, to moderate, and reduce the issues that are significantly interfering with daily functioning.

Through our partnership with MindBeacon, we can provide RTW-focused iCBT, proven to successfully treat the identified mental health condition and functional impairment, while supporting successful return and stay at work initiatives.

Contact us to learn more about MindBeacon’s iCBT and RTW programs and the benefits for your employees.