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Mental health claims continue to be an increasing concern for employers and their staff, so access to high-quality behavioural health care is even more vital. Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) is effective for many common conditions, including depression and anxiety, according to the Center for Addition and Mental Health[1]. Now, iCBT can help people on mental health-related disability to return to work, thanks to a recently launched partnership between MindBeacon and ReedGroup Canada.

Guided by mental health professionals, MindBeacon’s iCBT and its specialized Return-to-Work (RTW) program identifies primary mental health concerns, functional impairment, and barriers for returning to work. An iCBT treatment plan based on this information helps to address each employee’s unique needs.

This accessible, flexible intervention decreases the severity of mental health symptoms, improves function, and addresses RTW barriers, which ultimately can reduce the length of the claim and help to prevent a transition to LTD[2].

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[2] MindBeacon: Returning to Work as an Essential Part of Mental Health Recovery


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