How Omicron Affects Employers

Employers are feeling the impacts of a diminished labour force and economic fallout from the Omicron COVID-19 variant, and an unprecedented wave of new claims has been hitting the Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCBs). Qualifying a COVID-19 claim as work-related previously required a positive PCR test, which are now in limited supply. Employers have responded by … Continued

Has COVID-19 Changed Ergonomic Accommodations in the Workplace?

At-work accommodations have become an increasingly important issue as more employers focus on employee health, safety, and productivity in the workplace to comply with accessibility legislation requirements. Employers are expected to proceed with a diligent evaluation when an employee has a medical condition or disability that is impacting them during their role, to determine if … Continued

ReedGroup Guide to Provincial Paid Sick Leave Legislation

Over the past few weeks, several provincial governments have passed legislation to temporarily provide employees impacted by COVID-19 with varying degrees of paid, job-protected leave. The primary intent of this legislation is to provide support for employees who have no sick leave plan and are required to take time off work as a result of … Continued

Adapting Your Work Environment for Todays’ New Reality

As COVID-19 continues to influence our economy and our everyday lives, employers have had to make changes and adapt their workplace environment. With new regulations and guidelines, employers now must factor these changes into the management of their workforce and in the implementation of best practices to accommodate their employees’ wellbeing. What Are the Challenges? … Continued