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Full Outsourcing Capabilities

Absence Outsourcing is our suite of disability management and workers’ compensation services. We deliver efficient case management with a high touch, experientially focused service philosophy. Our cases are managed through a disciplined triage approach. We cultivate synergies to drive the alignment between STD and workers’ compensation programs. ReedGroup’s strategies are centered on improving business outcomes, with our state of the art technologically enabled through LeavePro, the industry’s most sophisticated and integrated absence management platform.

You can be confident that cases are being managed consistently, in compliance with workers’ compensation legislation, and always with a focus on appropriate return-to-work. Our Absence Management Services include:

Outsourcing Capabilities:

  • STD and workers’ compensation end-to-end claims management and administration
  • Expert case reviews
  • Comprehensive reporting ability
  • Strong communications protocols
  • Expert oversight of complex cases
  • Return-to-work and accommodations management
  • Comprehensive health management navigation for employees
  • Specialized mental health case management

Additional Workers’ Compensation Capabilities

  • Cost and liability evaluation
  • Appeals representation
  • Customized reporting in narrative, chart and graph form
  • Trend and risk parameter performance
  • Cost relief assessment and direct board advocacy
  • Comprehensive initial injury reporting

Additional Disability Management Capabilities

  • Stay at work case management for those struggling at work
  • Clinical disability claim management with appropriate professional support
  • High touch guidance and interaction


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