Streamline the management of employee absences and accommodations with ReedGroup’s fully integrated absence management platform.

Absence Management Software

AbsenceConnect’s proprietary software is built on the solid foundation of ReedGroup’s 30+ years of expertise in claim administration, absence management, software and technology, return to work case management, and evidence-based clinical content. AbsenceConnect is completely cloud-based, highly secure, and accessible on all devices, providing employers and employees with the ability to submit a claim, check a status, and more, from anywhere with an internet connection.

AbsenceConnect offers an end-to-end solution for absence management and drives optimal outcomes. Flawless integration across different customer interfaces, business services, work processes, and data sources supports a unified infrastructure that enables faster time-to-service than the competition and the flexibility to respond to unique client specifications. It supports all employer stakeholders, providing 24/7 access to submit and review claims, as well as generating valuable, insightful reports. Deliver a superior employee experience with seamless, cross-device functionality that provides real time responses and integrates the domains of all absence types (workers’ compensation, short-term disability, leave, and accommodation).

Case Management Portal Features

  • Automates absence management processes from start to finish, such as eligibility, notifications, and workflows
  • Real time updates reflected in the system and accessible through the portal
  • Integration with MDGuidelines provides insight into absence durations and employee accommodations
  • Supports complex policies and plans to speed up eligibility determinations
  • Automated and customizable tasks
  • Daily reports for team leaders

Stakeholder Direct Access Features

  • Sophisticated self-serve portal to refer a claim, view claim status and updates, and run reports, all in real time
  • Bilingual (English and French)
  • 24/7 direct access portal
  • Customizable client access
  • Customizable web-based organizational access
  • Easy document upload
  • Single sign on and multi-factor authentication
  • Mobile and desktop-friendly